About us


Our Hearty, Authentic, Crisp and Flavorful recipes have been carefully created by our Founders with a passion and drive to bring REAL MEALS to your table.

Our made-to-order scratch style cooking ensures that you always receive top quality fresh FOOD. We source responsibly and locally, no doubt, just homemade REAL MEALS brought to you in a very clean, modern, comfortable and friendly fast premium casual setting.

Many of our ingredients, herbs and spices are imported from overseas, this is to ensure we provide our customer with a true authentic flavor. We reduce, eliminate and avoid preservatives, additives and other un-natural ingredients whenever possible to serve true healthy REAL MEALS.

We care about what you eat, about your health and your overall happiness. This is why as a TEAM, we strive relentlessly to provide you with overall Fresh Mediterranean GOODNESS each and every time.